Growing up in South London, everyday life was a vibrant culture mix and clash of tastes, music and style from around the world.
My Dad loved to drive and some of my best childhood memories were our car rides around town just taking in the city scape and sights and flavours of the different neighbourhoods.
Every summer the family car would get packed up and we would drive across Europe into his homeland Turkey, soundtracked by the Gypsy Kings and Turkish pop music playing full volume all the way.
The street scenes, characters , food and music, I experienced along the way, captured my imagination and set off in me a life long passion for discovering new people and places. 

That feeling of wonder at watching the world has never left me and taken me into a creative career in styling and photography and all over the world, teaching me to use my eyes in different ways and stay ever wide eyed&curious to the beauty and stories that surround and connect us.

A mother, a picture taker, an explorer.

A lover of style and photography, food and people, simple pleasures and great adventures.

Welcome to Anil’s Eye..x


Anil's Eye